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For most of the country, temperatures are dropping which means cold and flu season is upon us. As snow begins to fall, many people are not prepared for the mass of germs that will be circulating around our schools, offices, and homes. With the hustle and bustle of family gatherings and holiday celebrations, we can often forget to take care of ourselves. The shorter days and lack of sunlight often causes a lack of motivation to stay on top of health. Here are some tips on how you can keep yourself healthy during the time of year when we are most likely to get sick!


Stay Active


It might be easier said than done, but keeping your fitness levels in check during winter can help to keep you from getting sick. The temperatures might be unbearable outside but there are plenty of ways to stay active without having to face the winter frost. If you haven’t already, joining a gym is something many people take advantage of in the winter time. Though New Year’s resolutions make for a spike in gym memberships, you can get ahead of the game and start your membership before Thanksgiving. The saying goes, it takes 3 weeks to form a habit and only 3 days to break it. Getting into a fitness routine before all of the chaos of the holiday season can keep you on track throughout the entire winter.


Plan Meals


Winter is full of warm soups, casseroles, and hot drinks. There are thousands of healthy recipes for all styles of food and winter is the perfect time to experiment with new dishes. What could do better at keeping you warm than spending a few hours in the kitchen. A trend among health enthusiasts is meal prepping. Spending time on a weekend, getting your meals ready for the week is great way to keep your diet on track. A must-have during the winter is a slow cooker. You can feed yourself and family for a week with the amount that fits in them. Plus it is minimal effort, giving you more time to partake in winter activities.


Avoiding Illness


It isn’t always possible to avoid getting a cold of the flu but there are certain steps you can take to lower your chances. As elementary as it sounds, hand washing and sanitizing can be your saving grace. Germs are rampant during winter and one of the surefire ways to halt them from infecting you is by keeping your hands clean. More way to keep your immune system healthy is to take vitamins daily. Your levels of vitamin C should remain high during winter. This can be achieved through taking a supplement or eating foods high in the nutrient. Regardless of how you choose to approach staying healthy, it is important to remember the risks that winter’s cold can bring.