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The integration of technology into our lives has drastically shifted many people’s priorities. With the ability access virtually any information that we need, in the palm of our hands, the opportunities are endless. A huge industry that has been impacted by technology is healthcare. As tech developments and research take place behind the scenes, many healthcare professionals are also seeing shifts in patient awareness through the use of gadgets.


Trends such as fitness trackers and calorie counters have helped many realize how they can improve their healthy habits. Through countless apps and tech tools, people are improving their health on a daily basis. Here are some of the best ways to integrate technology into your efforts towards leading a healthier life.


Fitness Trackers


In early 2013, the first wearable device to track fitness was released. Fitbit pioneered the ongoing trend that has allowed many to become more conscious of their activity levels. In those five years, companies from Apple to Google have tried their hand in the wellness tracking devices. The concept of simply tracking daily steps and movement has now evolved into obtaining data related to sleep, calorie consumption, and weight loss efforts. All of these tech advancements are easily kept in a device that you wear on your wrist.


Kitchen Gadgets


With the development of artificial intelligence, we likely aren’t too far off the concept of self-cooking kitchens. In the meantime, there are countless devices that have made healthy eating habits attainable, from even the laziest cook. Items such as the Scott Soup Maker, has made it easier than ever to be a gourmet chef with the touch of a button. Throw in your favorite soup ingredients and viola, you’ve got a health butternut squash broth ready to eat. Even simple gadgets such as flavor infusing water bottles are encouraging us to lead healthier lifestyles.


Mental Health


Our physical and mental health both deserve the same amount of TLC. This being said, products such as Apple Watches and certain smartphone Apps, integrate ways to remind us to be conscious of our mental health. Many smart watches notify its wearer when it’s time for them to take a deep breath, detecting that a heart rate or pulse may be rising. Additionally, there are free apps such as Calm, available for download onto smartphones. Such apps focus to reduce anxieties through meditation, breathing, and sleeping exercises.