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Doctors complete many years of school with the hopes of entering the medical field to help others. Many people have great relationships with their doctors and are comfortable talking to them. On the contrary, there are also people who fear to go to their doctor. These experiences can be challenging for the patient and doctor alike. Whether it’s embarrassment or a previously negative situation, all patients should be comfortable approaching a doctor. There are some questions that people hesitate to ask their medical provider. In reality, patients should always ask and feel safe discussing any medical topic with a doctor. Here are a few of the questions everyone should be asking their doctor.


Internet Resources

Most physicians would prefer that patients come to them with any concerns they have in regards to their health. However, with technology in today’s world, a lot of people turn to the internet to self-diagnose themselves. While many sites have credibility, it is best practice to ask your doctor which sources they trust. Most people will come to the doctor with a list of potential illnesses they believe they have. Doctors really want patients to come to them with the question of which sources they trust, not which diagnosis is correct.


Proactive and Preventative

Unless partaking in a yearly checkup, most patients visit the doctor due to concerning symptoms. During their brief engagement with a medical experts, patients should be asking as many health questions as possible. Often times a patient will focused only on their illness during a visit but they should also make a note to ask questions about other health issues. Questions that doctors are always appreciative to receive are those of the proactive nature. Some doctors disclose any concerns to their patients, but can be useful if the patient comes to the doctor first. A proactive subject could include anything from “I haven’t been sleeping well recently,” or “There is a dry patch of skin on my arm.” Though these may not seem like major issues, it is important that your physician knows as many possible details about your health.



Having an open and honest relationship with your doctor can lead to better health on your end and efficient caregiving on theirs. It is important to maintain trust in your physician so that they are able to provide the best possible care for you. Asking questions is the foundation of a strong doctor-patient relationship. No question is too silly, so don’t be afraid to ask!