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Finding the best and most appropriate healthcare provider to meet your needs is an essential and stressful decision. If you see the need for a primary healthcare provider or a specialist, it is necessary to make a wise and informed decision. The following tips can assist and hopefully alleviate some of the stress involved in making this decision.


How to Choose the Appropriate Provider


  • A Primary Provider is your medical home. This provider will be able to refer you to other specialists, order tests, and do yearly wellness exams.
  • Specialists are providers that specialize in one area of medicine and are used to treat only specific conditions.

The Important Requirements to Look for in a Primary Healthcare Provider


  • Does the provider accept your type of health insurance.
  • What are the hours of operation and how to reach after hours.
  • How soon can you make an appointment.
  • The attitude and customer service of the office staff.
  • How long do you have to wait in the waiting room to be seen for appointment.

How to Choose the Right Specialist


  • Discuss with your primary provider if a specialist is needed for a specific diagnosis.
  • If a specialist is needed, request at least two referrals from your primary provider.
  • Research the specialists given to you by your provider.


Finding the primary provider that fits all your needs can be time-consuming and sometimes painful. Taking your time and doing research on a potential provider is well worth the investment. Being able to trust and communicate comfortably with your healthcare provider is essential. The provider with the highest credentials and experience may be lacking in communication skills. Deciding on the essential traits and strengths of a healthcare provider is also a significant part of who you select as your provider.


After clearing all the hurdles of selecting a new provider, do your research online and decide which provider may be right for you. After you choose a provider and go for the initial visit if you realize the provider is not right for you it is always best to keep looking. Finding the right healthcare provider is the first step to taking better care of your healthcare needs.