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Living a healthy lifestyle can be very difficult, with one of the most challenging parts is making the leap into healthy lifestyle changes. Here are some suggestions for some healthy habits that you can adopt now to begin living a better life.

Drink more water and less soda, coffee, or juice.

Sure, soda is delicious, coffee feels like an energy boost, and some juices may parade as being good for you. However, water and flavored seltzers are a much better option. They do not continue any calories and sugar and will keep you hydrated while aiding your digestion, boosting your energy, and having a positive impact on your overall health.

Choose healthy snacks. Snack on fruit in place of chips and candy.

Just making small changes, like eating a piece of fruit instead of chips and candy, can have an extremely positive impact on your health. It is also a relatively easy and cheap switch out to make. Especially if you chose to go with fresh fruit that is in season. There are also many foods that are quite convenient to eat, for instance, apples and bananas, that you can take on the go.

Build an exercise routine. Make sure it’s something you enjoy.

Find a way to build exercise into your schedule, but don’t force yourself to do something you do not enjoy. Instead, find an activity that you really enjoy doing and even look forward to, and find time to incorporate that into your routine. For instance, if you really liked to play baseball in high school, join an adult baseball league. Even if it is not something like this, and just giving yourself fifteen to twenty minutes to take a walk every couple days, your risk of cancer, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and other ailments will be significantly reduced.

Be conscious of your sleep patterns.

Not sleeping well, having an erratic sleep pattern, or sleeping too much can cause a lot of physical and mental stress. Using sleep as a time to restore your body is vital to your well-being, as crucial metabolic body processes occur during sleep.

On that note, it is important to not only schedule and holds yourself accountable for developing a sleep pattern, but to also provide yourself optimal conditionals to get a restorative sleep. Keep the temperature down, the lights off, and avoid interacting with technology for approximately an hour before you go to bed.