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Millions of people around the world devoted this year to making themselves better in some way. Each January, resolutions are set but are often broken or forgotten about within a month or two. Some of the most popular goals that individuals set for themselves has to do with their health and wellness. Whether it is working out more or eating better, those setting health resolutions often fall short in making them last through the year. If you are one of of the thousands who set out for a healthier 2018, here are some tips for maintaining those goal in an efficient manner.


Make Small Changes

Most often, resolutions are broken due to intense changes made in the person’s life within a small time frame. People make the mistake of trying really hard to maintain their goal in the beginning and often burn out shortly after starting. To avoid such a scenario, starting out small with your resolutions could lead to long-term success. Some of these small changes could include; taking the stairs instead of the elevator, drinking a glass of water before each meal, and replacing one sugary drink with water per day. These small moderations allow you to stay on track with your goals but in a way that won’t impact your everyday life.


Find Your Favorites

Whether fitness of diet be your health-related resolution both will take some time adjusting too. While in the process of working out and trying new foods, make note of which are your favorites. When it comes to fitness, many try and do what everyone else is doing (running, yoga, HIIT) and sometimes that isn’t what is best for you. Find a workout that keeps your attention and that doesn’t drain you after five minutes. Diet can be a tricky aspect to perfect. There are plenty of healthy options out there, however some do require some prep time. Meal prepping on weekends has proven to be an efficient way to stay on track during hectic weeks.


Share Your Story

Some of the best ways we can hold ourselves accountable is by telling others about our journey. When people are aware of your lifestyle changes, they can help to support you and make sure you are maintaining your goals. If weightloss is your goal, there are dozens of programs and support groups that are available to keep you motivated. Overall, it is important to not beat yourself up either if you slip up. Knowing that others are watching your progress can also help you get back on track.